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HU001 wholesale camping outdoor nylon hammock underquilt

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Features: HU001 Hammock Underquilt

  1. Size:237*120cm
  2. Material:20D ripstop nylon DWR
  3. Filling: 200gsm silk cotton filling

Unique contoured design optimized to fit your body shape in a hammock to minimize gaps (cold spots)
Customizable color options for both inner and outer shells
Customizable length options for the perfect fit
Customizable Down Underquilt Options

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The underquilt works to prevent heat loss from beneath you. Hang it under your hammock, and feel the warmth generated in minutes for a cosy night’s sleep! In our opinion, this is the best hammock insulation for a cold night in the wilds!
In hammock camping, the majority of heat loss is from below due to your body weight compressing your clothing or the loft in your sleeping bag. The Hammock Underquilt combats this by hanging below your hammock so the loft is not compressed, creating a pocket of air warmed by your body heat. It should be hung with a little slack to gently ‘hug’ the hammock when you’re inside, to achieve the warmest insulation.
Our Underquilt is 237cm long, so will provide near full-length insulation for most people. We recommend setting it up with a little bias towards your head.

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