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HU002 Outdoor Hiking Camping Lightweight Winter Hammock Underquilt

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Features: HU002 Hammock Underquilt

  1. Size:250*70cm
  2. Material:210T nylon DWR
  3. Filling: 200gsm silk cotton filling

This kind of Hammock Underquilt fits snugly to all standard-sized hammocks
Maximum width 51.2 inches, wraps the sides and bottom of your hammock.
Split design on both ends, make the underquilt fit snugly around the outside of your hammock to trap heat and keep you warm

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This Hammock Underquilt is a high quality down Underquilt that is sure to keep your bottom side warm on those cold nights.
These underquilts come in 250*70cm(Regular),it is made of 210T nylon DWR.
The Hammock Underquilt features a differential cut maximizing the down loft, it has 200gsm silk cotton filling.
Some universal tips that will help you create the warmest possible setup for your underquilt:
To prevent it from getting wet or dirty on the ground, lay the quilt inside the hammock to start; then attach the ends and remove enough slack so that it won’t touch the ground when you slide it out of and under the hammock.
Minimize the air space between the hammock (with you in it) and the top of the quilt. Snug up the adjustments to ensure the quilt is super close, but not so close that your body compresses it.
Snug each end tightly to prevent air from flowing through.
Secure any attachments along the sides to prevent airflow gaps from forming there.

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