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Is it difficult to hold an event Just build a tent!

In recent years, the competition in the commercial service market has become more fierce, and the old and single online or online commodity sales have long been unable to attract the attention of customers. Therefore, large-scale activities such as product exhibitions and well-known brand marketing meetings are popular in every field, but the choice of venues is also different, The theme activity tent is indeed one of the more popular venues for exhibition theme activities in recent years.

In fact, there is a lot of emphasis on choosing the theme activity tent. In addition to manipulating the cost, it can also build an excellent theme style of planning activities: the first is the cost problem, because now more and more tent manufacturers appear, and the purchase of the tent is not like two years ago. Now everyone will carry out more cost-effective activities. According to my knowledge, Nowadays, many companies choose to rent or choose second-hand tarpaulins, but as we all know, tarpaulins are composed of high-quality aluminum alloy profile support frames and shed cloth. If you choose manufacturers with a long distance, the transportation cost of aluminum alloy profiles will be relatively expensive, and the round-trip transportation cost will be relatively high if you rent, Therefore, choosing to rent or purchase is also a university question. The interior of the theme activity tent must be designed with various decoration, such as cloth curtain, lighting and central air conditioning. In addition to the scheme planning, you should choose the relative indoor decoration style, show all kinds of tent service facilities as the tent manufacturer, and consider your pursuit of perfection in the quality of outdoor activities and games. If you have to consult a large number of caravans to choose a plan, you are warmly welcome to call us. We may show you the most technical and professional plan and consider your different requirements.

Post time: Oct-15-2021